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1 Fill out the form below. The more specific detail you share, the better I can assess if I may be able to serve you and if it makes sense to schedule a consultation call. You’ll hear back within 1 week about your application.

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2 If your application is approved, we’ll schedule a consultation call. This is an opportunity to further evaluate if coaching is a fit from both sides. I’ll explain how my process works and answer any questions you might have.

After The Call

3 If we agree it makes sense to move forward, we’ll get you set up for your private one-on-one coaching experience. That’s your next step towards becoming a loving parent loving life.

Who is coaching for?

Coaching is best suited for those looking for hands-on support to improve their life or those who wish to finally conquer limiting beliefs. Coaching provides the structure, accountability, and personal insights you need to take action and reach your potential.

I’m not the coach for you if you’re unclear about your goals or life’s direction, looking to discover what you want to do next, or trying to navigate a major life transition. I work with clients who are open-minded, take ownership, and follow through on what’s most important to them when they have the right guidance.

Coaching isn’t for you if you want someone to tell you what to do, or do the work for you.  As your coach, I’m here to support you in reaching your goals and leveraging your strengths. Your results with coaching depend on how much of yourself you bring to the process and how much work you’re willing to put in.

If you’re unsure that coaching is the next step for you, I invite you to apply for a call with me to find out. We’ll talk about you’re looking to achieve and whether coaching is what you need to get there or not.

I've worked with a therapist before, how are you different?

I’ve worked both as a coach and a therapist, and there is a place for both.

Psychotherapy is recommended for the treatment of diagnosable mental disorders. Coaching is for individuals who are mentally healthy and is designed to increase your performance.

In my work, I use coaching with a foundation in psychology to get a picture of the whole you and use this to develop a unique plan of action for you. I leverage my decades of experience as a counselor and nurse to help you find your barriers and replace them with actions that serve you better.

This unique approach is one reason my clients find coaching with me valuable and effective.

How does coaching work?

If we determine we’re a good fit after a call, we’ll start with an overview of the barriers holding you back from living the life you want and defining your goals.

Based on this information, we’ll craft priorities aligned with your goals. We’ll meet every week for your sessions.

There are 3 main things I focus on in the 6 Week Reset (recognizing patterns, finding strengths, and choosing your path) but the format and progression of the sessions is customized to each client and their specific needs.

While I can’t guarantee specific results, many clients start to see early results in as little as two weeks. I’m 100% committed to you and will always show up as my best self to our sessions, but coaching isn’t like waving a magic wand. Your personal results will depend on how much of yourself you bring to the process and how much work you’re willing to put in.

Why do I have to sign up for 6 weeks at once?

Lasting change takes time. The Six Week Reset gives you a jumpstart and is enough time to start and maintain new, healthier habits that serve you. After the Six Week Reset you decide if you want to continue your work with me or go forward on your own. 

Where do the sessions take place?

All sessions are held via a HIPAA secure online telehealth platform.

I do not offer in person sessions. 

What about confidentiality?

I take my clients’ privacy and confidentiality very seriously, and hold myself to the highest ethical standard.

We agree to confidentiality in our coaching agreement, which stipulates our sessions are protected as confidential. Your information is stored in a secure portal and the telehealth platform is HIPAA compliant. 

I am also happy to sign a NDA if necessary.

What kind of results do your clients get?

My clients group results in two categories: internal and external.

The most common internal results my clients report are greater confidence, ease, excitement for the future, curious about life’s possibilities, being kinder to themselves, and a sense of control over themselves in all aspects of their lives. 

Externally, these internal transformations turn into benefits like improved physical health, better sleep, and being tapped for exciting projects at work.

Check out client results in their own words by clicking here.

Is coaching covered by insurance?

Coaching is not covered by insurance. 

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