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Loving parents loving life.

Do you want a happy, healthy, close family?

You’re working so hard to be a great parent. This is an opportunity to supercharge all your efforts. Here you’ll learn specific skills and strategies to strengthen your relationships, work through your own issues, and help you, and your child, live your best lives!

You want support to feel confident and calm as a parent because you're tired of doing it all alone

You want less yelling and more connecting

You just want to live a life that feels calm and happy

You want strategies for those moments when you've tried everything and nothing is working


You are ready to feel like a calm and confident parent and person and just need a little guidance and support.


You want to learn how to create strong loving connections between yourself and others.

Stress Management

You know something needs to change but could really use a little guidance on how to get there. 


You want to learn the tools and build the skills to navigate everything life throws at you.

“Sonya is a problem solver and has taught me skills to be a problem solver so that I can manage my life as it comes.”


“I am now more aware of my strengths and more able to focus on self care and reminding myself what I am capable of .”


“Sonya has been very helpful with [my son] Dominic. I have seen an improvement in his mood. She is very knowledgeable.”


Get the Toolkit: 7 Simple Mindfulness Practices You Can Do Any Time

Download this free toolkit to start building a daily mindfulness habit that can help you feel calm and confident. It works- even if you don't have time and even if you sorta hate meditating.

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